In order to provide the best possible outcomes for your business, it is vital that we are able to understand it to the best of our abilities. This is why we work with you and your team to ensure that you have the resources available to scale your business in a manner which best fits you and your team. 
Our targeted approach means that our services are tailored entirely to fit you and the business and changes are brought in gradually in a way that the entire company is able to get on board with. We measure everything we do, ensuring that any new strategy implemented is effective in taking the business forward. 

1. Discovery 

Our initial meeting with you is FREE and there is totally no obligation for anything further on either side if the chemistry is not right, or if either party is less than comfortable to work together. 
We will spend time with you and understand your ‘pain’ with the business and see where we can work with you to make improvements. This meeting alone is value rich and will help you think constructively about the future of your business, even in the event that you decide not to move forward with us. 
We will help you to understand: 
Some ground breaking strategies we can introduce to aggressively drive sales and profits 
How to work with your existing staff to get the very best from them to help you drive growth 
How to ensure that you achieve YOUR goals from YOUR business, whatever those goals may be 
When you understand how both your own business and those of competitors, work, you have a much better chance of thriving within your own industry. Our service will help you to do this, meaning that you can look forward to a bright future. 
If we agree that we want to work together and drive for success we simply agree terms, sign a basic agreement and move forward to a plan of action for success. It’s that easy and remember that we are incentivised by results so we need you to be successful for us to be successful. 

2. Action 

Once we are agreed on working together the first stage is to compile an Action Plan with both near term and medium term strategies to work on. We want to bring success to the working relationship as quickly as possible so we will nail down some strategies to implement very quickly. 
We are not looking to ask you to spend all of your money on expensive marketing campaigns so here’s some great news – our strategies are all no cost or very low cost to the business. Most of our strategies cost nothing to implement and can yield great results very quickly. 
Our highly skilled people will: 
Work with you to agree some short term and medium term strategies for growth 
Work with YOU to help YOU work on YOUR business to improve efficiencies across the business and free up some of your valuable time 
Identify with you some strategic relationships with key partners who can help you to grow and scale your business and differentiate you from your competitors 
Identify your key objectives for the business and work with you and your team to help you to achieve them 
Our prime objective is to take you and your business where you want to go - 
we are here as your trusted business partner and adviser and will work with you on your business for as long as you need us. 

3. Systems 

So we’re working together and the sales are growing – what happens next? The systems and processes underpinning the business are often as critical success as the sales. There’s no sense driving sales through the door if there’s no one waiting in the back office to process the order and service your customers effectively. 
We will help you with developing your people to maximise their potential and make your business a well oiled machine which can grow…..and grow….and grow: 
We will help you to understand: 
We will run workshops with your people to gain their support and commitment 
We will help you to maximise and leverage the resources you have available 
We measure everything we do so whatever works best for your business, we will know and can ramp up where necessary 
We will work tirelessly on your behalf to assure the best possible outcome for your business, and will take just as much care throughout the process as you would if you were managing it yourself. We will always reflect the values of your business completely, therefore protecting your reputation within the market. 
We have been building businesses for over 20 years, both in the corporate space and for smaller businesses, in the UK and internationally. Building and scaling multi million operations is what we do, over and over. 
There is no specific time commitment needed for our services. You can simply choose to use our expertise until you are happy to manage on your own. This means that the service is absolutely tailored to your needs, every step of the way. 

4. Results 

With any business process, results are what you are looking for, and we are driven to bringing you the best results we are capable of. At every single phase of the project, we will report results back to you, and discuss what these results mean for the future running of your business. Complete satisfaction is always assured and you can cancel working with us at any time. We have relationships that last months and some which span many years – YOU remain in control the whole time. 
All of our staff are motivated to bringing the best possible results for you – which means that you will be thrilled with the impact that we can have on your business. It’s normal for us to grow businesses many times over and it’s why we do what we do – we want the relationship to be frutiful for both parties. 

CORONAVIRUS Practical business advice 

Marketing and business advice for small and medium-sized businesses during the coronavirus outbreak 
These are tough and uncertain times for almost every business. So this page has been set up to help as many SMEs as possible with marketing and business advice, including links to specific government information. 
This page will be updated regularly to ensure it includes the latest government announcements: Updated 26th March 2020 

8 Key Marketing & Business Tips 

Focus on current customers 
Do whatever you need to do to keep your current customers happy – customer retention is more important than ever. How can you go above and beyond? 
Take any money you can 
This is not the time to be too picky about where your income comes from as Cash is King. If this means adapting your services or bowing to customer demands, do it. 
If you find that you have more time on your hands, now is a great time to solve those operational issues that have been holding your business back. This will allow you to concentrate on growth when the time comes. 
Innovate online 
Given that everyone is being asked to stay at home, you’ll have a captive audience. What can you offer online? There’s some great examples of businesses providing webinars on LinkedIn and good social media can be cost effective. 
Don't stop marketing 
Assuming cash-flow allows you must continue marketing and even do more if possible. Given the speed of the shock, the bounce-back should also be rapid and you need to be front of mind when this happens. Not only that, by adapting you can attract customers in the short term as well. 
Take advantage of cheaper adverts 
In crises (e.g. recessions), 80% of companies stop advertising. For the remaining 20%, advertising becomes more effective and cheaper – e.g. Google Adwords. 
Show empathy 
Remember that this is a challenging time for everyone. You must demonstrate that you also understand and care about their challenges, as I’m sure you do. 
Stay positive 
Attitude is key. Staying positive and having the mindset that this is an opportunity not a crisis is crucial. Stimulating that mindset in others is also essential. 

Guidance on the measures to help businesses 

The latest, direct government advice can be found in this link. I have summarised the key points below: 
For employees on the payroll but with no work to do, the government will pay 80% of their monthly wages up to £2,500. This can be topped up to 100% by the employer. Any business can qualify, but the employees must be designated ‘furloughed workers’. 
Applications can be made now and the scheme can be backdated to 1st March, but given it requires new processes it may be late April before the measures are in place. Currently the scheme will last 3 months. 
From Monday 23rd, the government will provide up to 12-month interest-free loans to businesses needing cash before the end of April, available through high-street banks. 
Loans can be for 3-months up to 10 years, for businesses with turnover of less than £45m, and there are a small number of sectors that aren’t covered (see this document) 
VAT payments for the period 20/3/20 to 30/6/20 will not be required until 31st March 2021 for all businesses. However, VAT refunds and reclaims will be paid by the government as normal. 
For self-employed, income tax payments due in July 2020 are deferred to January 2021. This deferral is automatic 
Any business under 250 employees can reclaim up to 14 days statutory sick pay, caused by COVID-19. The 3-day waiting period has also been removed. 
The mechanism for repayment will be put in place in the coming months. 
A grant of up to £25,000 for businesses with a rateable value of up to £51,000 
There is a 12-month holiday for business rates from 1st April. This will be applied automatically, but may require the council to reissue the council tax bill 
For businesses that already pay little or no business rates due to relief through Small Business Rate Relief (SBRR), Rural Rate Relief (RRR) or tapered relief, they will be eligible for a £10,000 cash grant. 
This grant is automatic and local councils will write to eligible businesses 
All businesses that owe tax and are in financial distress can apply for delayed payment with HMRC. To apply call HMRC at 0800 0159 559 
The self-employed can apply for a grant of 80% of their average monthly profits, capped at a taxable amount of £2,500 per month. 
To be eligible, the person must have trading profits of less than £50,000, receive over 50% of their earnings from self-employment, and have filed a return for 2018-19 by 31st January 2020. For eligible persons, there’s a 4 week extended window for filing if the January deadline was missed. 
HMRC will contact eligible people directly. Although backdated to March 2020, a lump payment will not be received before June 2020 
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